Selena Gomez: I Miss the Old Justin Bieber — Report
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez: I Miss the Old Justin Bieber — Report

Justin Bieber seems to be facing a new controversy on a daily basis. And his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez wants to know what happened to the guy whom she once had real feelings for.

With Justin having recently made headlines for among other things bringing girls back to his hotel from a brothel in Brazil, getting filmed by a random woman while he sleeps, and getting busted for spray-painting public property, Selena wonders why Justin has changed so much.

"She misses Justin," a source tells Hollywood Life. "He’s not the same person she fell in love with and she feels sad for him because his ego is getting the best of him."

"His recent behavior breaks her heart because she knows he’s better than that," the source continues. "He’s acting out and she just doesn’t understand why, but she can’t save him or fix him."

Apparently, Selena feels she was able to bring out the good in him when they were together. "She feels like if she was still with him, none of this bad behavior stuff would be happening, or at least it wouldn’t be as bad as it is," the insider adds.

As of now, it doesn't sound like there's any chance of the two rekindling their romance. "Selena does not want to be associated with Justin anymore because he draws too much negative attention to himself," the source says.

This is sad news, since it's tough when you realize that an ex has changed dramatically from the person you knew. Still, it's hard to disagree with how Selena feels. Let's hope Justin can shape up one of these days.

Source: Hollywood Life, Hollywood Life