Phaedra Parks: “I Have Never Committed Any Crime”
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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks: “I Have Never Committed Any Crime”

Phaedra Parks's hubby, Apollo Nida, has just a few weeks left to reach a plea deal in his current bank fraud and identity theft case, but Phaedra herself is still dealing with his former case from 2005, for which he ended up doing some time. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was accused of being behind the shady racketeering operation that landed Apollo behind bars.

Phaedra's former friend, Angela Stanton, made the accusations against the attorney in her book, Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, and Phaedra has since filed an affidavit declaring Stanton's claims completely false.

What's more, according to Centric TV, not only does Phaedra deny having any involvement in Apollo's wrongdoings, she actually claims to have never committed any crimes at all, save the occasional speeding ticket here and there.

"I have never been arrested for a crime or charged with any crime. I have never been questioned by any law enforcement agency about any possible involvement in a crime. I have never been involved in any criminal schemes with Defendant Stanton or anyone else. I have never committed any crime other than routine traffic violations," Phaedra insists.

Apollo and Phaedra have remained fairly quiet regarding the more recent charges against Mr. Nida, but maybe we'll get some more details about the scandal during the show's upcoming reunion when Andy Cohen puts Apollo in the hot seat.

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Source: Centric TV