“I Quit” Video Parody By Mom Strikes a Familiar Chord (VIDEO)
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“I Quit” Video Parody By Mom Strikes a Familiar Chord (VIDEO)

Marina Shifrin decided to give notice to the Taiwanese news video outlet where she worked by making a video of herself dancing around her office to Kanye West's song "Gone". Marina’s video quickly went viral, fueling the fantasies of unhappy, underpaid, overworked employees all over the globe.

As often happens, several parodies of Marina’s double bird flip to her erstwhile employer were quickly thrown together, some more clever than others, but our favorite would have to be the unique spin Brenna Jennings, a mom who works from home, put on Marina’s message.

Although Brenna modestly claims that she has "More years, less moves, same message," we think this mom does pretty well shaking her moneymaker around her messy home while complaining about unmade beds and piles of dirty laundry. Sample lyrics: “My kids room is a hell hole,” and “I wash dishes while I work.”

Brenna blogs for Suburban Snapshots and the Huffington Post. She told HuffPo that she found Marina’s video reminiscent of her own early days. "When I saw Marina's video, the first thing I thought was that she reminded me of younger me ... I wished I'd had the smarts and moves to quit my first horrible soul-sucking job the way she did," she said.

Of course, we know the real joke in Brenna’s video is that being a mom is a job that you can never really quit, as she shows us at the end of the video, when she walks out of her own house, saying “That’s it. I’m gone,” then coming back in immediately to add “Just kidding. We’re out of milk.” Oh, how we can relate!

Source: Youtube, Huffington Post

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