“I Used to be Hardcore; Now I’m Softcore” and Other Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 12
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Grey's Anatomy

“I Used to be Hardcore; Now I’m Softcore” and Other Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 12

The Chief read some damning quotes from the med students' reviews of the residents, but those weren't even the best quotes from Season 7, Episode 12; the ones below were.

10. Callie [to Kyle]: "You should stay; hold his hand."
Oooh, Callie, that was cruel, knowing that Brady would clench from the pain and crush Kyle's hand. It's a good thing we kinda like your mean streak.

9. McSteamy [to hairless med student]: "I guess I shouldn't have used permanent marker."
Ouch. Someone's going to be doing a lot more scrubbing in the shower than scrubbing into the OR.

8. Mark [to Arizona]: "You're a crappy listener; add that to the list."
With all the (valid) critiques Mark gave Arizona this episode, he's the one who should have been making the list.

7. Cristina [to Meredith]: "Don't let the one stick win."
Cristina tells Mer not to be defeated by the results of one pregnancy test. Instead, pee on many!

6. Richard [to Teddy]: "Mrs. Henry Burton, your husband requested that I talk to you about his upcoming operation."
Still miffed about the sham nuptials, the Chief hails Teddy by her married name, and humorously, it takes her a while to recognize it as such.

5. Eli: "Dr. Bailey's dating a nurse."
Eli incriminates Bailey, but does so in the most charming way possible. How is that possible?

4. Callie [to Arizona]: "Get your crap. Out. Of my apartment."
This quote only would have been better if Callie said it through clenched teeth... or if she had used a Clint Eastwood voice.

3. Meredith: "I used to be hardcore; now I'm softcore."
Derek: "Did we start talking about porn?"
Derek raises a fair point as Meredith ruminates on her evolution using an odd choice of words.

2. Bailey: "Why the hell not?"
Bailey's new philosophy on being naughty is perfectly justified. She's been a teacher's pet for too long, so who can blame her for wanting to live a little?

1. Callie [to Arizona]: "Today I found out that I'm pregnant with Mark's baby. How 'bout now?"
Waiting a whole day before telling Arizona this breaking news? Way to bury the lead, Callie!