”I Was Taught to Self-Defend Myself” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 4
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”I Was Taught to Self-Defend Myself” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 4

On this week’s episode of Jersey Shore, Season 5, Episode 4: “Free Vinny,” the crew was threatened with the possible addition of a new housemate in order to fill up Vinny’s space, and possibly The Situation’s space, since he ran off to cry and think about his feelings.

To distract themselves, the girls planned a surprise party for Mike and Pauly D, and eventually were able to drag Vinny back home to Seaside. In between all that, Snooki and Deena got bunny costumes. All this meant we got some great material for our Top 10 quotes. Here we go!

1. The Situation, on why he ran off: “I like to isolate myself around my birthday, so I can see who pays attention.”
This is like the dude equivalent of sending yourself flowers so a guy will notice you! How Cher Horowitz!

2. Ronnie, on how he tells time: “The time on my watch says I’m going to be late for work.”
This probably isn’t what the actual time on his watch says, but maybe he shops at a different store.

3. Snooki, “When you need bunny suits to bring life to this house, that's when you know we have problems.”
As usual, Snooks sums it up perfectly.

4. Sammi, after getting into a fight at the club, “I was always taught to self-defend myself.”
Self-defending is a skill every woman should have.

5. Pauly, “I got cake, I got strippers...this is the best day of my life!”
The cake and strippers formula is one for infinite happiness.

6. The Situation, “It's pretty hard to surprise me, I'm pretty paranoid.”
Mike gives us more reasons to question his current mental state.

7. Deena Nicole, while hooking up with Ronnie’s friend Joey, “I just keep trying to do sex and this clock keeps going off”
Technology gets in the way of the sex-doing. Hate when that happens!

8. JWOWW, “Help wanted, ask for old guy.”
Nice to see Jenni take some initiative and help Danny out in finding new t-shirt sales people.

9. Snooki, “The bunny costume is awesome because it looks like a serial killer”
That’s not exactly what we would have said, but if you say so, Snooks!

10. Deena, “Meatball power!”
The rally cry of the meatballs, said after a few shots.

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