Pretty Little Liars’ Ian Harding: Beard or No Beard? — Which Look Is Better?
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Pretty Little Liars’ Ian Harding: Beard or No Beard? — Which Look Is Better?

Pretty Little Liars director Norman Buckley just posted a pic of a bearded Ian Harding (Ezra). Apparently, Ian showed up to work looking scruffy (and adorable). We’re used to a clean shaven face on Mr. Fitz, but this pic got us wondering. Which look is better on the PLL actor: clean shaven or bearded? You tell us!

Brilliantly, Norman also uploaded a snapshot of Ian shortly after, with his beard disappeared and his face shiny and new again. It’s hard to believe that these pics come less than an hour apart - Ian looks completely different!

On the one hand, we love Ian’s clean shaven face, and we’re so used to it from PLL. Clean Shaven Ian looks younger and straighter-laced. It definitely works for his character. Though Ezra has left behind his rigid upper-class upbringing, he still is pretty prepster when it comes to wardrobe and lifestyle.

On the other hand, we’re seriously digging Bearded Ian. It makes him look a bit older and carelessly rugged. It’s hard to imagine Ezra growing a beard on PLL, but what with all of the recent changes in his life (i.e. Malcolm, breaking up with Aria), maybe he’s ready for a new look.

What do you think? Does Ian look better bearded or clean shaven? Vote in the poll, and let us know in the comments below!

He looks better without it.

I like the scruff!

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07.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Kayti Burt
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