Ian Somerhalder Takes Us Behind the Scenes With The Vampire Diaries Cast (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Takes Us Behind the Scenes With The Vampire Diaries Cast (VIDEO)

Paul Wesley (Stefan) may be the Vampire Diaries actor who took a turn at directing an episode last season, but Ian Somerhalder (Damon) is showing some directorial initiative in this Instagram video that takes us behind the scenes of the TVD promo shoot for Season 6. Check out all of the smoky goodness!

“Shooting #VampireDiaries Season 6 Promo material on a Sunday afternoon in Atlanta with these familiar faces-This is all because of you all,” Ian captioned the vid. “If you didn't watch this wouldn't happen... Thank you to all of the fans aka our audience. Truly. Love, Ian.”

In the short video, we get shots of both Paul and Nina Dobrev (Elena) looking serious on the stage as lots of faux smoke is pumped into the shots. Nina is looking particularly gorgeous in a long, black cutout dress. When Ian points his phone camera at her, she faux-glares in an excellent Katherine impression. Paul takes a similarly mock stern reaction, raising his finger to point at Ian’s camera when he’s in the shot. Yep, these guys are definitely in promo shoot mode.

Ian ends the vid with a shot of the TVD logo and a shot of the photos of the entire cast posted on a board. Pretty cool to think about how this is the sixth promo shoot this cast has done. Here’s to six more!

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