Ian Somerhalder Says It’s “Game Over” For Damon Salvatore (PHOTO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Says It’s “Game Over” For Damon Salvatore (PHOTO)

We know Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) will be back for Vampire Diaries Season 6, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t freaking out about the photo Ian just posted of Damon’s grave! How does this tie into Damon’s fate? We speculate below!

“Rest in Peace Damon Salvatore. #GameOver,” Ian captioned a photo of Damon’s gravestone, which is etched only with his name. Yikes! That’s enough to send chills down the spine of any TVD fan.

Ian Somerhalder Says It’s “Game Over” For Damon Salvatore (PHOTO)
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Though the image is unsettling, we still have high hopes for Damon’s storyline in Season 6. We’re not sure where exactly Damon and Bonnie went when the light embraced them in the Season 5 finale — and we’re not sure where we’ll find them when the Season 6 premiere picks up a “substantial time jump” later — but we’re eager to see this “journey back to each other” TVD has teased in its promo poster for the upcoming season.

We’re actually intrigued by the fact that Ian is taking a photo of his gravestone, given that we would have assumed it rather fitting into Elena or Stefan’s storyline as the people who are presumably grieving his loss. Does this mean Damon will be hanging around Mystic Falls in Season 6 or did Ian just pop over to the Mystic Falls set to take this photo? If it’s the former, that may give us some information about what Damon will be up to in Season 6. Perhaps, he and Bonnie’s existence will operate under similar rules to Bonnie’s interaction in the beginning of Season 5: They can see their loved ones, but their loved ones can’t see them. Or, more interestingly, perhaps Bonnie and Damon are in Mystic Falls, but they are in the wrong Mystic Falls — i.e. in another time period or an alternate reality of the Virginian hamlet. Both ideas are more science fiction than the vampire drama has ever ventured before, but we think the show might be able to pull it off.

Do you find Damon’s gravestone as creepy as we do? Do you think it gives us any clues about the upcoming season? Share your theories in the comments below!

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