Check Out Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan Survive Super Awkward Interviews (VIDEOS)

The Vampire Diaries

Check Out Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan Survive Super Awkward Interviews (VIDEOS)

Brace yourselves, Vampire Diaries fans! We don’t say enough how much we love Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan (OK, maybe we say it all the time), but we have to hand it to these two. When these two strapping young fellas went out to promote their back-to-back Thursday night premieres, we thought it was the greatest thing ever. What actually transpired, though, was a whole lot of awkward moments.

In the first interview, it’s clear that the reporter needed to take The Vampire Diaries 101. He asked a question about the dreaded “T” word. That’s right, Twilight. We’re so over the comparisons between TVD and Twilight — mostly because there is no comparison. You don’t see Damon Salvator (Ian) with glitter all over his vamp body and you sure don’t see an expressionless Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), like, ever!

And then things got even worse with the second interview posted below. This reporter might be a fan of TVD, but it’s clear she isn’t a Nian shipper like we are. While we were heartbroken when Ian and Nina broke up earlier this year, we would never ask Ian a “hypothetical” question about the breakup. While his response was, rightfully, awkward, Joseph stepped in and saved the day. You’ll have to watch to see just what JoMo did to rescue Ian from the tragic question.

Be prepared for a whole lotta awkward coming at you below. Hit the comments after you’ve seen the videos and let us know what you think!

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