Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship: 2012
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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship: 2012

Wow, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had a crazy 2011! The two found their hit show The Vampire Diaries blowing up and snatching tons of nods and wins at awards show, all while they tried to hard to pretend they weren't madly in love with each other (but we all know they secretly totally were)!

While they kept silent about all the real-life kisses they were definitely sharing, they were all about talking up the smoochin' happening between Elena and Damon on their show. And kiss on the show they did. A lot. And we got a little obsessed, because it was just so sizzling! Which kind of overshadowed the teasers about Elena's sister coming back to Mystic Falls, along with the news that Ian and Paul Wesley were going to be joining Nina at the People's Choice Awards 2012. But rumors that Ian proposed to Nina and got rejected did catch our attention... at least long enough for the two gorgeous actors to shoot them down!

But about that kiss. Hardcore TVD fans DID NOT take it well. Some even went so far as to send death threats to showrunner Julie Plec and executive producer Kevin Williamson. And the ones who loved it were immediately concerned when the cast teased that Damon would wake up naked in bed in a coming episode with a woman who wasn't necessarily going to be Elena, leading some fans to believe Elena might go back to Stefan in light of Damon's potential betrayal. And to top it all off, Nina Dobrev finished January by adamantly denying her relationship with Ian yet again.

But even as news kept coming that Elena and Damon would never end up together (seriously, people thought KLAUS had a shot with her?), it seemed like the rumors of Ian and Nina dating IRL were getting harder and harder to deny. Eyewitnesses caught them kissing at an Oscars after-party, and Ian ponied up a cool $1,000 for a fancy chair for Nina's 23rd birthday present. The duo also appeared with Paul Wesley on a smoldering cover shot for Entertainment Weekly, which looked kinda like the True Blood Rolling Stone cover from that same month. We here at Wetpaint also took a look at what our favorite TVD stars were up to before the show, but that was kinda overshadowed by that Entertainment Weekly shoot as well.

April and May were full of teasers about the end of TVD's third season and thoughts on season 4, along with Ian and Nina doing a whirlwind tour of various interviews and press events. Nina tried to play coy with the media by saying she wouldn't want to star in Fifty Shades of Grey with Ian, but Ian hinted at their relationship in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, and the two were spotted holding hands in NYC and looking absolutely gorgeous doing it. Oh, and they also celebrated Mother's Day along with the rest of the cast, sharing some super adorable pics on Twitter in the process.

Summer 2012 was a pretty quiet time for the couple, though it did find Ian taking pretty much the opposite stance Nina took on rumors they were being cast together for Fifty Shades. It also saw co-star Kat Graham calling our favorite couple hippies, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas crushing on Ian (we totally understand, girl), Nina dispelling even more engagement rumors, and (gasp!) Nina finally fessing up about her relationship with her co-star. They also released a juicy promo photo for The Vampire Diaries season 4, and they attended the Toronto International Film Festival together, where Ian saw Arcade Fire perform (and we're totally jellz).

October was a busy month for our favorite duo! It found Ian backpedaling on his former "Delena can never be" claim, and it found our fans debating whether or not Stefan was going to take revenge on Damon for letting Elena feed from him in episode 2 of season 4. It was also the month when Nina Dobrev reached 3 million Twitter followers, The Vampire Diaries got nominated for FIVE People's Choice Awards and a handful of Fright Night Awards. Ian and Nina also tweeted their support for Hurricane Sandy victims, proving they are both gorgeous AND kindhearted and basically perfect in every way.

November was also a busy month for Nian and the rest of the TVD crew, and like the rest of the America, they all jumped in to vote in the 2012 election, voicing their support for candidates and celebrating the results of the election. CW also resurrected their "Starve a Vampire, Give Blood" campaign, Nina took a (maybe solo) vacation to the Bahamas while the rest of the cast was also busy jet-setting, and Ian and Nina spent Thanksgiving weekend together with Nina's folks and helped Ian's family cook pizza at their pizzeria later that weekend. For our part, we got a little obsessed with the Nian relationship, explored more potential marriage rumors, speculated on Paul Wesley's feelings about Nina, and delved into Ian's relationship history. Yeah, we're obsessed. Don't judge! Oh, and we recapped TVD's People's Choice Awards nominations, because they had a ton!

December means Ian Somerhalder's birthday every year, and Nina and several other TVD castmates showered him with wishes. Meanwhile, we took his birthday as an opportunity to answer some fun Nian fan questions, while Ian and Nina planned a winter getaway and Ian asked fans to vote for them for the People's Choice Awards. The two rounded out the post-Christmas rest of the year by vacationing in Asia, where Nina fell in love with and vowed to marry a baby tiger (who can blame her, really?), and Ian chillaxed in Thailand on New Year's Eve. What a crazy year for our favorite real-life and on-screen lovers!

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