Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship: 2013
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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship: 2013

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev kicked off 2013 by attending, presenting at, being nominated for, and being snubbed by about a billion different awards shows. Ian also tweeted some adorable birthday wishes to his sweetheart, and Nian and the rest of the TVD crew spilled about what they like to do for fun, along with some tweeted about TVD season 4 episode 11 at the #TVDParty. They capped off the month by suiting up for the 2013 Celebrity Beach Bowl, and we compared them to Brangelina and maybe sorta kinda obsessed over their possibly Valentine's Day plans.

February was a busy month for our favorite couple, as they competed in the Celebrity Beach Bowl (with Ian's team beating Nina's!), tweeted up a storm about various TVD episodes (including one that made Ian cry), failed to celebrate Valentine's Day because they were too busy working, and spent some time apart on mini vacations in order to relax. That last part had us worried for a bit, but at the end of the month it seemed by all accounts that the two stars were still going strong.

We started to get a little worried about the couple in March, as they ended up spending an awful lot of time apart that month. AND Ian tweeted that he had a "new love," which made our hearts stop until he revealed it was Grumpy Cat, because we TOTALLY get that. We're willing to chalk up most of their alone time to a busy press schedule, with Nina jetting off to be on Conan and Ian stopping by Watch What Happens Live, where he revealed he wouldn't mind taking Nina Dobrev to a deserted island and that possibly he wouldn't mind doing some procreation there with her (!). Ian also revealed that if Damon died on TVD, he would respond by vacationing in the Caribbean. Talk about a mellow guy! In other March madness for the duo, Nina was (SOMEHOW) denied a photo op with Jack Nicholson, Ian described his ideal woman (sort of) on Sway in the Morning, Nina reached out to her boyfriend to have him double as her stylist, and the two dispelled rumors of a breakup by visiting a sick TVD fan together at the end of the month. They never cease to kill us with their kindness!

April was a good month for Nian shippers, with the two of them starting the month hand in hand despite those nasty breakup rumors. In very happy news, Ian and Nina's trip to visit their sick fan was followed by a happy ending when it was revealed she was going to receive the lung she needed to survive from a donor! Ian gave an interview to Origin magazine where he sort of defined his own concept of love, and then he lived it with his lady friend when they rushed their "kid" Moke (the cat) to the kitty hospital, tweeting pictures of his cone of shame but promising he was okay. Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries officially wrapped in April, and we dug around to find out what our favorite couple and their castmates were up to post-filming. Ian and Nina didn't make the wrap party, and we wondered what Katherine and Damon were up to since they weren't buddying up with the rest of their crew.

May was basically the worst month of all time for Nian shippers, because Ian and Nina broke up and ruined our understanding of true love forever. Despite a reunion between the two in NYC at the beginning of the month, their relationship apparently took a turn for the worse, as rumors started floating around that they'd split May 9, and they were later confirmed by multiple sources. We immediately went into coping mode, asking every question we could think of about what went wrong between Ian and Nina. Was it an age difference thing? Were we sure they were done for good? Why was Nina with her family when the rumors first started floating around? How were they going to figure out cat custody? Were they going to try to stay friends? Did Ian want to take things a step further than Nina did? Was Ian already rebounding by the end of the month? Why did Ian visit Nina's hometown after she had already left? Why were they both staying silent about what happened?

Ian and Nina both attended the CW Upfrontseparately — and apparently they had a tearful conversation when they finally met at the event. May was rounded out by some happier news — TVD was nominated again for a slew of Teen Choice Awards — but our hearts were straight up broken at this point.

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