Ian Somerhalder Is Totally Over Delena!
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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Is Totally Over Delena!

Super hot vampire couple Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) may have shared a passionate kiss in last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, implying that these two are far from over, but Ian seems less excited about the prospect of more Delena. What did the TVD actor tell Larry King Now?

Ian has been doing the talk show circuit to promote his new project Years of Living Dangerously, but the question of TVD and — of course — Delena often come up. And his thoughts on the red hot on-screen couple might surprise you: “You know, it’s so funny, everybody says they want Elena to be with Damon, and I just think, ‘Do you guys watch this show?’ I mean, we’ve killed her whole family, we’ve killed her, caused her to burn her house down. I mean, we’ve destroyed this young woman’s life. And, also, too, if you’re 173 years old, man, you might want to date someone your age.”

This definitely isn't the first time Ian has said this exact same thing. What does Ian think Damon’s character should do, rather than commit further time to this destructive relationship? He told Larry King: “I would really love if Damon would just get on a plane and fly to a Caribbean island, get a case of some rare rum, couple sprigs of mint, and just chill out for a while.” Yep, we would watch that season.

We actually totally get where Damon is coming, but maybe not for the same reasons. After all of the stunts Damon has pulled this season, he needs to earn Elena’s love and respect back — and not just in one, epic act of heroism, but in a sustained and growing display of his compassion and empathy for others. Or, you know, at the very least his compassion and empathy for his loved ones.

However, we do think Ian is both underestimating Elena’s agency and overestimating the Salvatore brothers’ effect on her life. Sure, things started to go south as soon as Damon and Stefan returned to town, but the further we get into the TVD narrative, the more we realize how integral Elena’s character has always been to the supernatural community she grew up knowing nothing about. Her status as a doppelganger alone would have created enough problems for her with or without the Salvatores around. And, Elena’s father was experimenting on vampires all through his daughter’s childhood. Let’s face it: this girl was never going to have a “normal” life. Damon probably is too old for her, though.

Do you agree with Ian’s assessment of the Delena relationship? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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