It looks like Ian Somerhalder is stealing more than just our hearts. In a new Instagram photo, the sexy Vampire Diaries star reveals that he wants to snag something interesting from the hit CW show’s set!

With a shocked expression — hand over his mouth, blue-gray eyes widened, and eyebrows arched — he poses in the prop truck, standing in front of a bloody sign that says “WARNING: WATCH FOR VAMPIRES.” Hey, we see one right there!

With messy hair and a clean-shaven face, Ian isn’t exactly in Damon Salvatore mode, so perhaps he was just hanging out after he finished his scenes for the day. He captioned the photo: “Live from the Vampire Diaries Prop Truck-I snuck in @joeprops .I was looking to steal some @joesstickystuff ;).”

In case you didn’t know, Joe’s Sticky Stuff is an “aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape” that can be used to hang items on the walls, keep rugs from slipping, and much more. Joe Connolly is a “prop master” on TVD and replied to Ian’s silly photo, writing, “There's no way you would keep looking with all that in the way. :-).”

No idea if Ian ended up getting some tape or stealing any props, but maybe he’ll follow up in another photo. Maybe he’ll even decorate his trailer using this heavy-duty tape.

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Alyse Whitney is Assistant Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.