We know that flying can be scary — just as scary, in fact, as getting older. And if there’s one Vampire Diaries star who knows all about these two frightening topics, it would be the sexy Ian Somerhalder, who recently turned the big 3-5! Monday night was a dramatic one for the smouldering star. What happened to him? Read on to find out!

“On plane-bad turbulence always makes you pretty introspective; so does turning 35-both prompters of thought. In short, I love you Twitterverse,” Ian tweeted Monday night, December 16. Turbulence while flying is pretty much one of the scariest things on the planet, and it seems like Ian’s mid-flight fright really got him thinking about life and the world — could he be any more deep?

Luckily, Ian was able to muster up the courage to get through the flight. “Wheels down in Atl-turbulence didn’t get me,” Ian shared on Twitter about two hours later. Phew, we are so glad Smouldypants is back with his feet planted firmly on the ground.

And while we admit we were worried about Ian when he sent out the first tweet, it does sound an awful lot like what the Vampire Diaries star likes to do in his spare time.

“Immersed in the worn pages of philosophy or a great work of fiction, taking in the hum of crickets and wilderness, and surrounded by the people I love,” Ian told Annex Man Magazine recently when asked about how he spends his coveted alone time. “Simple joys in this life we tend to forget are even there.” We hear you, buddy.

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Carson Blackwelder is an Assistant Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter and Google+!