”If I Was a Bunny, I’d Bang Lola” Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 8
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”If I Was a Bunny, I’d Bang Lola” Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 8

On this week's episode of Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 8: “Sharp Objects” the cast went fishing for crabs (and not in their usual way of picking up randoms at Karma), drank a lot, and Snooki suffered from lack of smushing. It was slim pickings for quotables, but there were still a few one-liners that may end up on t-shirts at the Shore Store one day.

1. Ronnie, on a rough night at Karma: "That's karma for you, Karma's a bitch!"
The pun we've all been waiting for! And it's true, being forced to hang out in the same sweaty club night in and night out must surely be annoying.

2. Deena: "Do you really need talent to fish?"
Famous last words before the gang goes crabbing.

3. Snooki: "The boat is sinking and I have seen Titanic and this will not end well."
Glacier in the middle of the Atlantic ocean vs. a 3 feet section of water by a dock is totally the same!

4. Snooki, to Ronnie: "You're hungover, you need to go to the bar and fix that."
Surely, another shot will fix your headache that was caused by dozens of shots. Medicine, Jersey Shore style!

5. Ronnie: "To normal people, that's a mini bike. To Nicole, that's a motorcycle."
Finally, an acknowledgment that Nicole is her own strain of species.

6. Pauly D, on his stalker Vanessa: "She's going to have me living in her basement and DJing for her!"
Another part of the stalker's punishment will be to force Pauly to spin at children's birthday parties.

7. JWOWW, on the contents of Vanessa's bag: "It's either Pauly's hair or a chainsaw."
Or empty bottles of Pauly's hair products and Muscle Milk. Whatever it takes to get the full Pauly D essence!

8. Vinny: "If Nicole is breathing and Nicole is conscious, she's probably talking about sex."
If she's not talking about sex, it's time to dial 911.

9. Vinny: "Me and Snooki are the Ross and Rachel of the house right now."
Apparently, we're still using Friends references to describe our relationships. Haven't we moved on to using Gossip Girl references as our television ideal?

10. Vinny: "If I was a bunny and I wanted to bang bunnies, I'd bang Lola."
Please tell us this doesn't mean the cast will buy more bunny costumes! We can't take it.

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