Is Rihanna Ignoring Drake’s Calls To Avoid a Breakup? — Report
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Is Rihanna Ignoring Drake’s Calls To Avoid a Breakup? — Report

Those Rihanna and Drake breakup rumors? They’re looking a little more real. And the only person more upset about the end of their relationship than we are is Rihanna… which is why she’s reportedly ignoring Drake’s calls. Sounds pretty foolproof — If you never talk to your boyfriend, how can he break up with you?

Unfortunately, though, it sounds like Drake is getting annoyed with Rihanna’s tactics, making him want to cut things off with the “Monster” singer even more.

“It’s been happening for the past few weeks, but Rihanna’s been avoiding him because she knows it’s coming,” a source close to the couple tells Hollywood Life. “She’s not stupid. That she’s not. But stubborn, yes! The thing with her is that she likes the back-and-forth and the mistakes and the arguments that she and Drake have for love. He chalks it up to the fact that she’s been in very immature relationships with very young men and doesn’t know that when you’re in love, there are no arguments.”

Well, that’s not exactly true. Anyone who’s been in love is well aware that arguments can be a healthy thing for relationships. But the way it’s going down between Rihanna and Drake right now? Yeah, doesn’t sound that healthy to us. And the source insists that as soon as Rihanna is willing to talk, she’s getting dumped. Yikes.

“Whenever she picks up the phone and stops bullsh—ting,” the source says. “He’s not the dude who’s going to chase a girl around and play mind games and sh—t like that. This isn’t high school.”

But that’s not to say that Drake’s forgotten why he fell in love with Rihanna in the first place. And when their relationship does end, he wants to make sure they’re still friends.

“He thinks she’s wonderful, accomplished, and an all around sex symbol and he will never not think that,” the source adds. “It’s just that he realizes that a friendship would be more appropriate for them.”

Source: Hollywood Life

05.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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