“I’m a Little Messed Up, Too” and More Great Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 19
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Grey's Anatomy

“I’m a Little Messed Up, Too” and More Great Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 19

No big declarations of love or weighty monologues in this week's episode, but it still had a good amount of one-liners both dramatic and comedic. (And boy, Cristina sure was a cut-up!) Here are our faves:

10. Alex [to Gladys]: "Give me a hundred grand, and I'll come in."
Yeah, that line works all the time for us, too.

9. Cristina: "Evil Spawn is now Mother Teresa."
She may have been skeptical, but Alex came through. Even if he did grift people and drive a hard bargain with Gladys.

8. Cristina [to Callie]: "She's mostly tubes and wires. And she looks more like a chicken than a baby. Like a featherless, beak-less chicken. You wanna wait until she's cuter."
It's true. We got a lot of shots of alien-ish week-old Sofia before seeing adorable 12-week-old Sofia.

7. April (to Stark): "I'm glad that people are getting to know the Robert that I got to know and like. You deserve for people to like you."
Stark: "It's Dr. Stark."
Ooooo, burn! Might want to cook them words of yours, April, because you're gonna be eating 'em.

6. Bailey (to Callie): "I was coming to tell you to go home. Don't drop that baby."
It's a good thing Callie handles surprises well, because dropping the baby would have resulted in another two months in the hospital, easy.

5. Cristina (to Owen): "Its small features and oversized eyes trigger a hormonal response in humans. It's autonomic. It's what keeps us from eating them."
That Cristina. She's such a romantic.

4. Adele's Post-it note: "This is Richard. Richard is your husband."
Does 3M get a share of the Grey's Anatomy profits? Because its Post-its are used by characters (like Mer and Der) to marry each other and others (like Izzie and Adele) to remind themselves of the essentials.

3. Cristina (to Callie) "Are you giving me the finger?"
Callie: "Yes, I am."
Cristina: "Good job."
And Cristina's not praising Callie's motor skills; she's complimenting her sass.

2. Adele (to Meredith): "Please, give me back my husband."
In any other context, this line would make Grey's seem super-soapy. But in this case, with Adele addled by Alzheimer's, it's tragic.

1. Callie (to Sofia): "Don't worry. See, I'm a little messed up, too."
Frankly, all of the characters could have lined up behind Callie to explain their messed-up-ness. "I can't conceive!" "I'm an overworked single mother!" "I have terrible dates!" "My lovers end up crazy or dead!"


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