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“I’m All Wet” Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6

Things we learned in Panama: How not to kiss; when it’s OK to flash your boobies; that therapy is a good idea before you go on The Bachelor. Read on for more instructions on how (not) to behave, as explained by Ben Flajnik and the *fancy* ladies of The Bachelor Season 16 in these 10 quotes from Episode 6:

“I’m All Wet” Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6
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10. Courtney Robertson [to Ben Flajnik]: "I'm in room 1611, if you've had a long day ... we can just lay there and be quiet for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever."
These other girls don’t stand a chance, do they?

9. Courtney: "Why be modest? We’re, you know, one with nature, it’s raining — go bikini-less."
New drinking game! Whenever Courtney goes topless...

8. Courtney: "I don’t do anything half-assed."
That’s true. Kinda hard to go half-assed when you’re skinny dipping, right?

7. Courtney [said seductively... and NOT to Ben]: “I’m all wet.”
dot dot dot...

6. Jamie Otis [to Ben]: "I don't want to be, like, fancy with anybody unless I really want to be."
Please, please, please don’t want to be *fancy* with anyone else!

5. Jamie [to Ben]: "First our mouths are going to be closed."
Then they are going to be covered in shock and embarrassment when you watch this back.

4. Rachel: "I think Blakeley is [bleep] tacky."
Thank heaven there’s nothing tacky about having a potty mouth.

3. Jamie: "Emily is admitting that she was wrong. She didn’t know you. Clearly she’s saying..."
Courtney: "Bend over and take it up the tailpipe?"
Ben oughta like that “sick burn.”

2. Casey Shteamer [to Chris Harrison]: "Maybe I should be in therapy or something."
We’re pretty sure Chris has Brad Womack’s Season 15 therapist on speeddial.

1. Ben [to Jamie]: "It's like an instruction guide!"
And that guide's title is: How To Kiss Like That Awkward Couple From Virgin Diaries

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02.7.2012 / 10:50 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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