Farrah Abraham: “I’m Not Getting Married Anytime Soon”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham: “I’m Not Getting Married Anytime Soon”

In the mood for love? So is Farrah Abraham, future Grammy winner and genius behind the brand new hit song, “Blowin'.” This nun-in-the-making has been single and ready to mingle since splitting up with her possibly fake but also totally real boyfriend, DJ Brian Dawe, and she's looking for love in all the right places. By which we mean dating site, PlentyOfFish.

Farrah's no stranger to internet dating (she used to be on JDate), and we have every reason to believe that she'll meet the man of her dreams on the world wide web. However, don't expect this newly-religious gal to settle down with a husband anytime soon — Farrah definitely isn't ready to walk down the aisle!

During an invigorating Q&A session with her fans in the wake of her new single, Farrah confirmed her single status by saying, "Not getting married anytime soon :) focusing on being a parent."

Good for Farrah! We're so happy that she's 100 percent focused on being a great mom to Sophia, co-star of the beautiful vision that is the “Blowin'” video, as this little lady needs her mom more than ever. As Sophia gets older, chances are she'll become more and more aware of her mom's fame. Luckily, Farrah is always present in her daughter's life, and will be there to hold her hand (literally and metaphorically) through some possibly trying times….

Are you surprised Farrah's putting her love life on hold to concentrate on Sophia? Sound off below!