“I’m Up For the Funk!” Quotes From Dancing With the Stars Season 13, Week 5
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Dancing With The Stars

“I’m Up For the Funk!” Quotes From Dancing With the Stars Season 13, Week 5


Dancing With the Stars folks say the darndest things — even if they weren’t Funkateers in the ‘80s. Here are our ten favorite quotes from DWTS Season 13, Week 5.

10. Nancy Grace [on pro partner Tristan MacManus’ arm tattoo]: "That looks like one duck biting another duck in the booty."
It’s actually a very realistic portrait of Len bickering with Bruno.

9. David Arquette [imitating judge Len Goodman]: "It's like ordering fish and not getting chips."
Out of order, me old sausage!

8. Judge Bruno Tonioli: "Hope, I thought you got the ‘80s superbitch down to a T."
Only Bruno considers “superbitch” the highest compliment.

7. Len: "Carson, I like you. You know I like you."
Carson Kressley: "I've been getting your letters."
And while passionate, they lack the creativity of Carson’s letters to Maks — step it up, Len.

6. Nancy [to Tristan]: "Put sex into it. You have to put sex into it."
Did she really say that or did we just project it through the television? Either way, good call, Nance!

5. Host Tom Bergeron [to the bickering judges, during David's critique]: "Kids, kids — when we all talk at the same time, we hear nothing."
Preach it, Tommy B!

4. Bruno [to J.R. Martinez]: "You had so much fire down below it was like a volcano."
Family show, Bruno! Volcanoes only erupt on cable.

3. Bruno [on Carson’s Jive]: "This is, again, a crowning achievement in madness."
Somewhere, a seething Cloris Leachman plans to regain that crown.

2. Tom [after fumbling over a line]: "Teach me to drink during commercials!"
It just makes the show more fun! Maybe you could share some with Brooke?

1. Len: "No one likes funk like I do. In the ‘80s I was a Funkateer! I’m up for the funk!"
True dat. Len was the fourth Beastie Boy — Grump-Rock.