Kim Kardashian Posts “Impromptu” Photo Shoot With Her Wall of Roses
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Posts “Impromptu” Photo Shoot With Her Wall of Roses

Everything's coming up Kim!

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off a picture from her latest “impromptu” photo shoot, because, well, what else was she going to do with that leftover wall of roses in her yard? Your guess is as good as ours.

“There’s a wall of roses in my backyard what else am I supposed to do ?!?#ImpromptuPhotoshoot,” Kim wrote in her caption.

The picture shows Kim, flawless as ever, in a spaghetti-strap, white negligee that emphasizes and accentuates her famous curves.

The wall of white roses was given to Kim by her fiance Kayne West for her very first Mother’s Day. The power couple are rumored to be getting married soon in Paris — and naturally, we expect to see more walls of flowers and other extravagant gifts leading up to the big day.

"I woke up to a wall of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies!!!" Kim wrote on Mother’s Day about the gift. "I have the best fiancé in the world! I love you so much, baby!!!! #HappyMothersDay."

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Source: Instagram