Independence Day Fashion! Celebs Show Off Their Stars and Stripes (PHOTOS)

We don’t know what it is about red, white, and blue, but the American flag has always made a fabulous style statement.

As if every day were July 4, actors, musicians, and models have been stepping out in those trademark shades... and it’s not just the homegrown celebs who are donning some Old Glory! ;From Carrie Underwood’s distressed tank to Rihanna’s denim shorts, from Kendall Jenner's itty-bitty patriotic bikini to pretty much everything that everybody's wearing at Coachella, the flag is fit for every occasion. Just make sure to wash your America-themed duds on cold so those colors don't run!

Looking for some inspiration for all the weekend's celebrations? Pause and ;let the patriot in you enjoy these stars in stripes. Click through to start the gallery!