Indiana Family Supposedly Possessed By Demons — Do You Believe It?
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Indiana Family Supposedly Possessed By Demons — Do You Believe It?

Have you seen the Exorcist? Whether you watched it or maybe you just heard about the head-spinning and gore-spewing, there’s one thing you can say about demonic possession: it’s scary as hell. That’s why this news coming out of Indiana gave us the creeps, big time.

The Indianapolis Star reports that, according to the Indiana Department of Child Services, a case was reported in which a Gary, Indiana mother of three, LaToya Ammons, swore that she and her three children, ranging in age from 9 to 13, were possessed by demonic forces at work in their home.

According to over 800 pages of official reports logged by DCS, the family observed a number of strange phenomenon in their small, one-story rental home, including hearing phantom dogs barking, a swarm of horse flies on their front door in the middle of winter, and strange sightings of shadowy figures and wet footprints late at night.

After LaToya took the advice of local religious groups and clairvoyants to attempt to “clear” the home of evil spirits, she contends that things got worse. She said that each of the family members were possessed by evil: being thrown around the home, speaking in deep voices not their own, and doing harm to themselves and others. In desperation, LaToya ended up at the office of her family doctor.

Dr. Onyeukwu says that when LaToya told him of her fears, he took notes indicating that she was delusional. He says that’s when her two sons became out of control, thrashing and trying to harm the doctor and each other. With several hospital personnel holding the children down as they thrashed uncontrollably, DCS staff were called in to investigate.

The family’s case worker and a hospital nurse, Valerie Walker, said that while interviewing the boys later that day in a small exam room, they observed the 9-year-old growling and walking backwards up a wall, then flipping completely over. Walker told the Star, "He walked up the wall, flipped over her and stood there. There's no way he could've done that."

Police Captain Charles Adams of Gary, Indiana, a 36-year veteran of the police force, told the Star that when he first heard the family’s story, he was convinced that they were either mentally ill or trying to profit somehow. After several visits with the family at their home and after interviews with eyewitnesses, however, he stated, “I am a believer.”

The exhaustive official records of this bizarre case include interviews with more than a dozen police officers, DCS personnel, psychologists, family members, and even a Catholic priest, who eventually performed three exorcisms on LaToya.

While her children were placed into protective custody, a chaplain at the hospital apparently arranged for a Catholic priest to come and exorcise the demons from LaToya’s home. The priest told LaToya and her mother it was not safe for them to stay there, but they did return when DCS asked to tour the property a few days later. During that tour, which included Captain Adams, Lake County police records indicate that several strange event took place, including witnesses hearing a voice and the appearance of disturbed concrete in the basement. Perhaps most creepy of all, pictures developed from the scene appeared to capture a ghostly face and other strange shadows.

While Ammons' three kids remained in DCS protective custody, the mother and all three children continued to insist they were possessed by demons. DCS eventually helped arrange for a priest to perform three exorcisms on LaToya. After the third attempt, DCS reunited the three children with their mother. LaToya claims that she was "cured" because of God’s help.

Of course, not everyone buys LaToya’s story. Her landlord, Charles Reed, for example, is more than a bit skeptical. Could that be because LaToya owed him money? As for the rental house on Carolina Street, Reed reportedly asked the police to stop driving by the home because it seems it’s scaring the new tenant.

Source: Indianapolis Star

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