Is The Walking Dead Influencing Reality TV? Would You Watch Zombie Boot Camp?
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The Walking Dead

Is The Walking Dead Influencing Reality TV? Would You Watch Zombie Boot Camp?

The Walking Dead is already Survivor: Zombie Apocalypse, with major and minor characters being voted out of existence every season. But it sounds like the AMC show’s success may inspire at least one new reality TV competition show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new wave of reality TV show concepts seem directly inspired by fictional stories like TWD and The Hunger Games. Several dystopian/survival pitches were recently made at the MIPTV market in Cannes, and THR said the most extreme example was Zombie Boot Camp. An Australian company called The Feds came with the show idea, which won best pitch in the MipFormats contest.

Zombie Boot Camp would have two teams compete to see which is better equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse. “As teams fail in challenges, they have to send members out to face the zombies. In the finale, two contestants will face a horde of 200 zombies, including their old team members, with one escaping to win a cash prize.” Sounds pretty cool, actually.

THR says Warner Bros. doled out the $34,000 cash prize, which goes toward fleshing out the format. The studio reportedly hopes to heighten the drama and audience interaction of Zombie Boot Camp before it takes it out to broadcasters.

They noted that a second-screen application was part of almost every reality show pitched at MIPTV. "What we always talk about is that the audience really wants to be able to impact what they are watching,” said Olivier Delfosse, senior vp digital at FremantleMedia. "For a long time producers found it hard to cede [power] to the audience to determine the outcome of a show, but they're getting to be much better at it. The idea of a TV show that is fully produced by the audience at home we're moving in that direction."

That would be cool for The Walking Dead itself — let fans decide exactly how Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company get out of the Terminus train car, or whether Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) “ends up” with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) or Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), etc.

What do you think of the Zombie Boot Camp idea? Would you watch an interactive reality TV show inspired by the zombie apocalypse, or is that taking the zombie trend a little too far? Sound off below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

04.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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