Ingenious Idea: Design Your Own Cookie Cutters!
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Ingenious Idea: Design Your Own Cookie Cutters!

In the best, most innovative invention for humankind that we could ever imagine (okay, we might be exaggerating slightly), we have just become aware of a wonderful way to make life sweeter: 3D cookie cutters that you design and print.

The product, produced by Makerbot, promises to revolutionize life as we know it. No, not really, but it will help you make some completely awesome, customizable sweet treats in any shape you like!

According to the company’s website, “The Thingiverse Cookie Cutter Customizer... allows you to draw freeform cookie cutters as a new extension of Thingiverse Customizer, the app that lets you create unique designs from a set of parameters and inputs, and then print them in 3D.”

This is of course all fancy-talk for cookie cutters in any shape you want. The mind reels with the possibilities. Our kids, the family dog, our house, it’s just too good. We can’t wait to get started!

Source: Makerbot

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07.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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