Inside the Castle Music, Episode 3.1
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Inside the Castle Music, Episode 3.1

As Castle and Beckett delve into mysteries each week, the adventure is underscored by a couple catchy tunes. To save everyone the trouble of having to Google things like, “song when Castle finds girl strangled with hanger,” we’ve created a listening guide for the featured songs in Episode 3.1.

Fever(Adam Freeland Remix)
Artist: Sarah Vaughan
Sounds like: an electronic-jazz explosion.
You heard it when: Castle walked the burlesque club and nearly fell over from thrill of live snakes and breasts.
What it means: Since there was only instrumental murder music playing at the actual crime scenes, and this song played while Kitty – who ended up being the killer – was dancing with wild abandon onstage, there is only one conclusion we can draw. If ever you hear this song, even the Peggy Lee version, look to your left and then to your right. Don’t let the sounds of love and heat lull you into a false sense of security. Someone in the room has killed three people.
Lyrics more relevant to Alexis’s storyline than the homicides: Sun lights up the day time/Moon lights up the night/I light up when you call my name
You would put this song on a playlist for: a themed dance party, a small gathering of middle-aged divorcees looking to feel sassy again, or, obviously, a burlesque show.

Song: Those Days
Artist: Lucy Schwartz
Sounds like: a poppy, catchy song for a girl allowing herself to show love and praying he doesn’t do anything too stupid.
You heard it when: Alexis was (finally) talking to her long lost summer boyfriend on the phone at show’s end.
What it means: The faint strains of the song could be heard just before this scene with Alexis, as Beckett’s lovelorn eyes followed Castle down the hallway. Could it be that she still has feelings for him? And in other obvious questions: Will we hear more about it in episodes to come?
Lyrics more relevant to the homicides than Alexis’s storyline: In a six foot hole, where the arrow is pointing/To a danger zone that I should be avoiding
You would put this on a playlist for: a rainy fall day with pumpkin food items.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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