Inside the Castle Music, Episode 3.7: “Almost Famous”
Inside the Castle Music, Episode 3.7: “Almost Famous”
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Inside the Castle Music, Episode 3.7: “Almost Famous”


It’s time for our weekly guide to the Castle music. We won’t give it away, but one of these songs you’ve probably heard before...

Artist: Jim Bacchi
Song: “Friday Rock”

You heard it when: Derek Brookner, the soon to be killed stripper, walked down the hallway towards apartment 4B in the opening scene. Turns out there was a pretty serious bachelorette party going on in there. Nothing says you’re ready for marriage like feather boas and a Red Bull tower.

This song worked because: it was muffled, and loud music that’s muffled usually means there’s a party. We only heard a few seconds of the song, and there were no lyrics, so it’s hard to offer too much in-depth analysis. Jim Bacchi has composed a lot of music for film and television, and you can check out his MySpace page for more. We just hope Derek liked the song since it’s one of the last he ever heard.

Artist: Nelly
Song: “Hot In Herre”
Album: Nellyville
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You heard it when: Castle and Beckett were treated to a performance by firefighter strippers during their investigation of Derek’s murder. Oh, and in case you forgot: It’s gettin’ hot in herre / So take off all your clothes.

This song worked because:
was there really another viable option given the situation?

Artist: Troy MacCubbin
Song: “Stars Like You”
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You heard it when: Alexis told Castle that even though she didn’t get the part of Sandy in Grease, she’s going to be the show’s stage manager. Everyone’s happy, but none more so than Troy MacCubbin: And in the end, my dreams come true / Stars like you / Will always shine / Yes, they will.

This song worked because: it’s light, upbeat, perfect “we’re all getting along” music. MacCubbin has worked with TATU, Kelly Clarkson and Enrique Iglesias, and his debut album is set to be released soon. To find out more about the native Australian and listen to some of his tunes, go here.