How is Desiree Hartsock Surviving Her First Seattle Winter? — Exclusive
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Desiree Hartsock

How is Desiree Hartsock Surviving Her First Seattle Winter? — Exclusive

When we first met Desiree Hartsock on season 17 of The Bachelor, she was a bonafide southern California gal. So we had our doubts when – after getting engaged to Chris Siegfried during her later stint as The Bachelorette – she relocated to his chilly Seattle hometown. Heck, even Des’ own brother Nate didn’t think she’d be down with the climate change. “I though she was a Cali girl for life,” Nate told Wetpaint shortly after the finale.

Turns out, maybe she isn’t. Although we’ve all been worried about Desiree adjusting to life in Seattle, we’re thrilled to learn that, in fact, she’s thriving.

“She’s really, really happy there,” a friend of Des and Chris’ exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Being in love helps – she and Chris are best friends – but she’s honestly very settled in and very content.”

Besides being the perfect place to cuddle up in winter, Seattle's also ideal for both of their careers. Chris works in finance doing mortgage lending while Desiree's a budding designer.

“I definitely think they’ll stay in Seattle,” the friend continues. “Chris’ job is there and Desiree’s able to work from home. Right now, she’s looking to take on more clients, so that’s been a little bit of a challenge, but it’ll happen in time.”

And they’re already getting along famously with another Seattle-based couple from the franchise: Jason and Molly Mesnick. “They’ve all gotten really close,” says the friend. “Desiree really likes them.”

Aw, that melts our hearts!