Inside the Jersey Shore Soundtrack: Episode 2.9, “Dirty Pad”
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Inside the Jersey Shore Soundtrack: Episode 2.9, “Dirty Pad”

No wonder everybody on the Shore is so buff: There's so much music playing on the show, it's hard to know when to stop fist pumping! Here are all the beats from Episode 2.9, "Dirty Pad":

"Without a Trace," Deadbeat Darling
"Beautiful Is Gone," The Ruse
"Down in the Park," Light FM
"Tiny Little Pieces," Asia Whiteacre
"Couch Sitting Rattlesnake," Asia Whiteacre
"Boulder's Rule," Flynstones
"The Man Who Lost His Soul," Until June
"Song in D," Mock Orange
"Attire on Fire," Vogue In The Movement
"Sound the Alarm," Brightwood
"She's a Sleep Machine," Hotstreets
"Thrift Store Clothes," Light FM
"See That Girl," Cru & Impirio
"Get Close," Call the Cops
"Friends Don't," Menya
"Mr. Vegas," The Midi Mafia
"Kill Me," Make the Girl Dance
"Last Call," The Midi Mafia
"Bodies in Motion," Phonocast
"Goodbye July," Tiny Animals
"Camilo (The Magician)," Said The Whale
"Headphones," Skiddalz
"Hell to Sell," The Audition
"Portrait of an Era," Deadbeat Darling
"Out to Lunch," Kidz In The Hall
"2 Piece," The Midi Mafia

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Case
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