Inside Pauly D’s First Meeting With His Baby Girl — Exclusive Details!
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Instagram    

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Inside Pauly D’s First Meeting With His Baby Girl — Exclusive Details!

Pauly D. only met his five month-old baby daughter, Amabella, a week ago, but he’s making up for lost time in a big way. Not only did he have a joyous, emotional reunion with her, Wetpaint Entertainment has learned he’s already cleared out a room for her in his Rhode Island home!

Although relations are currently strained with Amabella’s mother, 26 year-old Amanda Merkert - who had a one-night stand with Pauly in fall 2012 - Pauly didn’t let it damper his big first visit with his only child.

“It happened in New Jersey,” a source tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “He showed up with a ton of toys and stuffed animals. As you can imagine, it was a very, very emotional afternoon. He absolutely adores her and can’t wait to see her again.”

“He’s already set up a nursery for her in his Rhode Island house,” the source continues. “He owns two homes, one in Rhode Island and one in Las Vegas. But he set up Amabella’s nursery in Rhode Island because it’s closer to her mother. He thought that would make it easier in terms of visitation."

Before he gets formal visitation, however, a judge has to grant it. “He’s already petitioned the court for it,” the source confirms. “Pauly wants a more regimented schedule. He wants to be in Amabella’s life as much as possible.”

Here’s hoping he gets his wish!