Inside the Castle Music, Episodes 3.2 and 3.3


Inside the Castle Music, Episodes 3.2 and 3.3

Wondering what the name of that song was? Check out our handy guide to the music from the last two Castle episodes.

Episode: “He’s Dead, She’s Dead”
Song: The Librarian
Artist: Laura Jane Scott
You heard it when: Castle told Beckett his real middle name. It continued to play through the next scene where Martha grieved for the late Chet, played with the Ouija board, and told Castle he was a good man.
What it means: Anytime you hear a song that reminds you of a rainy day, it means the episode is nearly over.
Lyrics that suggest a future for Beckett and Castle: It’s no surprise/I’m here tonight/Holding out hope/For a change in the tide
Lyrics that sum up how long we’ve been waiting for this future to happen: La da da dum/la da da dum.
You might use this song in: a bereavement e-card, or a short film about two artists slowly falling in love in London.

Episode: “Under the Gun”
Song: Healing Hands
Artist: Citizen Cope
You heard it when: Beckett and Royce went to the bar. She talked to him about her mother’s killer, and then realized he might also be one.
What it means: This song references Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, assassinated world leaders and sunlight. We can’t glean new insights into the episode from that, but there’s also mention of not forgetting someone who once healed you, so that kind of works. It also sounds like it should be listened to in dim lighting, and we all know secret bad guys like Royce only hang out in dim lighting.
Lyrics that would work even better if “rubies” rhymed with “hold”: What's a pocket full of gold/Without a woman that you could hold
You would listen to this song when: you’ve got a lot on your mind.

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