Ian Somerhalder Insists He’s Single — What’s His Type? (VIDEO)
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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Insists He’s Single — What’s His Type? (VIDEO)

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder celebrated Earth Day (April 22) the way anyone else would: by appearing on The Talk. With (debunked) rumors flying about that he was dating former American Idol contestant Molly Swenson, the ladies of The Talk were itching to know Ian’s current relationship status. He might not be dating Molly, but is there another lady Ian is getting cozy with?

“This is research now,” co-host Sharon Osbourne began, clearly reading the minds of every woman in America. “For all the ladies watching, everybody here, they all want to know: Are you single?”

Ian seemed unphased by this personal question and answered rather directly “That would be a definitive yes,” he revealed. Be still, our beating hearts.

After a round of applause from the audience, Sharon continued to channel our collective thoughts, asking: “Just to give the ladies a clue, what are you looking for in a woman?”

“Really, Sharon? On the spot?” Ian joked. “It’s one of those crazy things I think we can all agree… sexy comes in so many ways, man. It’s bizarre, you look at magazines — there’s a little thing called Photoshop, guys. It’s not practical and anatomically not even possible.”

Three cheers for Ian! The studly actor then launches into a bit of rambling over “bulimia statistics,” clearly trying to fight this crazy fascination with being super thin in our culture.

“So what you’re saying is, you like a few curves on your women?” co-host Julie Chen asks.

“I just love women in general,” Ian answers. There you have it, folks. Ian is the most amazing man on the planet — all others to the left.

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