9 ‘Bachelor’ Stars From Other Countries — How Do They Stack Up? (PHOTOS)
International stars of The Bachelor
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The Bachelor

9 ‘Bachelor’ Stars From Other Countries — How Do They Stack Up? (PHOTOS)


As handsome as our bevy of Bachelor stars have been over the past 20 seasons, many of the guys fell into a specific physical category: the All-American, fair-featured hunk.

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Sure, there have been moments where the producers have strayed from the muscle-y, Ken Doll types — thank you, Ben Higgins and Jason Mesnick — but aside from a failed Venezuelan lead (cough, Juan Pablo), there hasn’t been much diversity.

Luckily, that’s where the men of the international versions of The Bachelor come in. The U.S.’s version might be the best-known, but the franchise has made its way to countries like Israel, Australia, and everywhere in between.

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So how do these fellas stack up against our Chris Soules and Sean Lowe? Read on to meet nine foreign stars, past and present, and find your new reality TV crush!

Richie Strahan
Country: Australia
Season: 4 (2016)
Job: Rope access technician (aka a rock climber)
Status: TBD — season going on right now.

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Tim Warmels
Age: 30
Country: Canada
Season: 2 (2014)
Job: Entrepreneur
Status: Single after 2014 breakup from winner April Brockman.

Dudu Aharon
Country: Israel
Season: 2 (2013)
Job: Singer, songwriter, musician
Status: Ended things with Season 2 winner Neta Danino soon after the show. Now dating new lucky lady.

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Spencer Matthews
Country: UK
Season: 5 (2012)
Job: Made in Chelsea reality star; heir to Eden Rock Hotel St. Barths.
Status: Broke up with winner Khloe Evans in the same year. Currently rumored to be dating English reality star Vicky Pattison.

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Gianluca Perino
Country: Brazil (native of Italy)
Season: 1 (2014)
Job: Entrepreneur
Status: Single after relationship with winner Aane Doux ended in 2015.

Leonard Freier
Country: Germany
Season: 6 (2016)
Job: Insurance specialist; Business consultant
Status: Time will tell!

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Tobias Rentsch
Country: Switzerland
Season: 4 (2015)
Job: Former Mr. Switzerland 2001
Status: Aspiring actor in films like Der Match and Der leere Briefkasten.

Gian Marco Tavani
Country: France
Season: 6 (2016)
Job: Entrepreneur
Status: We’ll have to wait and see.

Jordan Mauger
Country: New Zealand
Season: 2 (2016)
Job: Film and TV producer
Status: Currently in progress.