Flashback! Cynthia Bailey Interviews a Young Usher on Soul Train (VIDEO)
Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram    

Cynthia Bailey

Flashback! Cynthia Bailey Interviews a Young Usher on Soul Train (VIDEO)

You may not know that everyone’s favorite The Voice judge Usher (okay, so the favorite might actually be Adam Levine or Blake Shelton, but Usher has certainly earned his stripes) hails straight from the A. The R&B hitmaker may be a huge star, but he still has a home there — and not far from the Real Housewives of Atlanta women! But that’s not the only connection between Usher and RHoA….

Cynthia Bailey’s illustrious career as a model has taken her all over the world and nabbed her some really cool hosting gigs. But we didn’t realize that she’d also served as a host on the legendary music show Soul Train back in the day. And the really cool part? Cynthia interviewed her fellow Atlantan Usher Raymond for the show when he was still just a young'un!

The RHoA star took to Instagram for a little Flashback Friday fun on March 21, and she shared a clip from her now-epic Q&A with the star on-the-verge.

“FlashBack Friday Me interviewing @Usher for Soul Train #soyoung&innocent #beforehousewives #beeninthegame,” Cynthia captions the video.

“Well, I know it’s fun making lots and lots of money, but what kind of goals do you have for yourself in the future?” a be-banged Cynthia asks the singer in the clip, while sporting a super fly high-necked sequin gown. Seriously, does this woman age at all?!

“I don’t feel that I’m doing it just for the money,” a baby-face Usher responds (seriously so cute!). “I feel that I want to become a little bit more than just a singer. I want to become an entertainer.”

And boy did he! Unfortunately, his performance isn’t included in the video, but we’re sure it was killer and we bet Cynthia’s been saying “I knew him when!” for years now.

Are you as surprised to see these two together back in the day as we are? Tell us in the comments below.

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