Jax Taylor Introduces Current Girlfriend to Ex-Girlfriend — Awkward Alert!
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Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor Introduces Current Girlfriend to Ex-Girlfriend — Awkward Alert!

Some girls do love a bad boy, which is probably why Vanderpump Rules’s Jax Taylor is never lonely for long. His girlfriend Carmen Dickman has acknowledged he has a “bad boy” side, referencing his less-than-ideal behavior in the past, and Jax has admitted to being jailed several times.

And now he’s committed the crime of introducing his current girlfriend to a recent ex — one he stopped seeing right when he started dating the new one. Awkward.

Carmen and Jax got together in January and split in March, but they are a couple once again. Jax’s ex, Tiffany Matthews, said she’s still close friends with Jax, even though they split in January right around when he started dating Carmen. She doesn’t seem to have a grudge against him, but when RadarOnline asked if Carmen caused the split, Tiffany answered, “It’s complicated. I’d rather not talk about it.”

OK, fair enough, but Tiffany did add a note about their meeting. “Jax actually introduced me to Carmen over the weekend in Las Vegas. She seems sweet. I’m happy for them.” Interesting. Good for her for staying positive, especially if her breakup with Jax was “complicated.”

However, Tiffany did say that Jax came to Vegas to visit her several times when he was on his dating “break” from Carmen. So now it’s doubly awkward, especially for Carmen, whether she already knew that about Tiffany and Jax or not.

But Tiffany said she and Jax are just close friends, nothing more. “Jax and I still care about each other a lot, but the timing just wasn’t ever right. I want the best for him.”

“Friends” or not, this is the kind of ex a new girlfriend doesn’t really want in her man’s life. But that’s Carmen’s issue now. Would you be fine with it, trusting that if your man wanted to be with his ex he'd already be there, or worried that he’d rekindle whatever was there the next time you weren’t around?

Source: RadarOnline