Miley Cyrus Invited Liam Hemsworth to her 21st Birthday Party — Report
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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Invited Liam Hemsworth to her 21st Birthday Party — Report

Watch out, y’all — lock up your kids and any demolition equipment you may have on hand, because Miley Cyrus is about to turn 21.

And according to Hollywood Life, her milestone birthday wouldn’t be complete without inviting her ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

Despite the fact that Liam appears to have moved on and Miley reminds us repetitively how happy she is being single, a source close to the couple says that privately, Miles is singing a different tune. Reportedly, Miley and Liam are back in touch, have forgiven each other, and might even start hanging out again.

“Miley and Liam talking has led her to invite him to her birthday festivities since when they were together they talked about her 21st birthday for quite awhile,” the source said. “She is hoping and expecting him to show up.”

We’re not going to deny we were super bummed to hear that they’d broken off their engagement — they were such a gorgeous couple and seemed to fit each other so perfectly. But it’s pretty obvious that Liam and Miley are in different places in their lives: Liam in one where he wears suits to every event and looks dapper all the time, and Miley in one where her most important fashion accessory is her tongue. So we can understand why they couldn’t make it work.

And for someone who claims she doesn’t party much, it sounds like Miley’s planning to throw one unforgettable birthday party. Apparently, she’s planning a sex-themed soiree, complete with a “sex dungeon with cages and whips.”

Um, keep us off the guest list. Please.

Source: Hollywood Life