Is Pretty Little Liars’ Ali DiLaurentis TV’s Best Mean Girl?
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Pretty Little Liars

Is Pretty Little Liars’ Ali DiLaurentis TV’s Best Mean Girl?

Pretty Little LiarsAlison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is the consummate mean girl: manipulative, sadistic, and superficially sweet. She can bully, scheme, and put-down with the best of them, but is she the best mean girl on television? We put our Pretty Little Liar up against five of the meanest mean girls currently on the tube. Read on to find out how Ali ranks.

Ali vs. Downton Abbey’s Mary Crawley

Downton Abbey’s Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) might not be doing much scheming come Season 4, as she deals with the death of her husband, but Mary can pull off a devious plan with the best of them just ask her sister/nemesis Edith. Mary once convinced Edith’s suitor/crush that Edith thought he was old and embarrassing. Yeah, Mary doesn’t pull her punches. But is she a match for Ali, who has had her share of sibling rivalry? Ali did once try to attack brother Jason with a field hockey stick, and could potentially have a secret twin with whom she shares a torturous rivalry.

Winner: Ali. Though Mary dabbles in mean girl territory, she hasn’t committed like Ali. Also, with baby George to think about, we doubt Mary will be faking her death or plotting anyone’s downfall any time soon.

Ali vs. Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister

Game of ThronesCersei Lannister (Lena Headey) is smart, beautiful, and totally cutthroat (sometimes, literally). Though she does not inflict pain as sport (like her son, Joffrey), she thinks nothing of hurting, maiming, or killing an innocent in the name of protecting her children. One of her most powerful tools is blackmail, using information and money to convince others to do things for her. She lives in a treacherous world where one mistake can mean death for herself or the people she loves.

Winner: Sorry, Ali, but we have to give this one to Cersei. Though Ali has done her share of blackmail and secret-wielding (such as when she blackmailed Byron for money over the secret of his extramarital affair), her scheming is not in the same league of Cersei. We can’t imagine Ali ordering anyone’s death. Probably.

Ali vs. Revenge’s Victoria Grayson

Revenge’s Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) is one cold-hearted woman. Like Cersei, she will do anything in the name of protecting her family, and that often involves scheming against her socialite friends or in some extreme cases even plotting their deaths. Can Ali measure up against that kind of single-minded determination?

Winner: Draw. We can’t help but notice Ali and Victoria have a lot in common. Both have faked their deaths. Both speak in clever double-meanings. And both fight to protect the people they love. We think these two would be fast friends or well-matched enemies.

Ali vs. The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine Pierce

The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) has caused no small amount of pain to the good residents of Mystic Falls (and beyond). While many of the other mean girls on this list enact their bullying and manipulation in the name of the people they love, Katherine mainly seems to do it to for fun/to protect herself a pettiness that we think has a lot in common with Ali in mean girl mode. Which of these characters is better at being the mean girl?

Winner: Tie. Perhaps Katherine would have had the edge when she was still a vampire, but now that she’s human again, we can’t help but doubt her mean girl power. We think Katherine and Ali have a lot in common, however. They both have experience pretending to be someone they’re not Elena and Vivian Darkbloom, respectively. They both know what it’s like to be hunted by Klaus and “A,” respectively. And, they both might have doppelgangers/twins that cause them no end of opportunity. Perhaps, they should compare notes?

Ali vs. Once Upon a Time’s The Evil Queen

Once Upon a Time’s Regina (Lana Parrilla) is such a mean girl. Except, instead of calling Snow White fat or trying to steal her boyfriend, she enacted an entire curse over the Enchanted Forest to take away everyone’s happy endings. Yeah, she’s kind of a downer, but much like the other mean girls on our list often struggles to be a better person. How does Ali, who seems to have her own internal struggles measure up?

Winner: Regina. While Ali has pulled her own share of revenge plots (most notably, “the Jenna Thing” that ended with Jenna blind), she hasn’t yet tipped to full-on evil mode. Though Regina plays the hero sometimes, she has a dark history involving pulling people’s still-beating hearts from their chests, that Ali hasn’t quite resorted to yet. Sure, Ali’s a heartbreaker - but, so far, she’s kept it figurative.

Where do you think Ali ranks amongst television’s mean girls? Sound off in the comments below!

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