Is Ali Really Alive on Pretty Little Liars? Recent Clues and Cast Hints
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Pretty Little Liars

Is Ali Really Alive on Pretty Little Liars? Recent Clues and Cast Hints

Though we were impressed with the big“A” reveal in the Season 4 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, we were less enthused about the “answer” to the question of whether Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is alive. We think she is, but we still haven’t seen her with our own eyes. While we wait for the Halloween episode to roll around and (hopefully) answer this question once and for all, here are the recent clues we’ve gather that Ali is alive and kicking.

Spencer saw Ali...again

We’re not exactly sure how Spence lost Ali, but she seems convinced that it was her allegedly dead best friend who she followed to “A”’s lair. Of all of the Liars, Spencer is probably the most logical. She doesn’t generally jump to conclusions without evidence. If she says she saw Ali, we believe her.

Mrs. Grunwald claims she pulled her out of the ground that night

Mrs. G. is the first person to come out and say she’s seen Ali i.e. not as a hallucination, not as a grief-spurred glimpse, and not as a possible mask-face. Mrs. Grunwald tells the Liars that she was the one who pulled Ali from the ground the night of her “murder.” She allegedly then drove Ali to the hospital, but - when Mrs. G. went to get help - Ali disappeared (a la CeCe). The Liars have no reason to believe what Mrs. Grunwald is telling them, but we also can’t think of any reason Mrs. G. would lie about the whole thing. She seems to really care for Ali.

Sasha’s excitement

The summer finale ended on a cliffhanger that will reportedly be resolved in the Halloween special, which sees the Liars going to this Ravenswood shindig to find out if Ali is alive once and for all. Sasha told E! Online: “You find out if Alison is alive or dead and I think that is going to be a really cool thing for me and a really big treat, so I'm excited to see what the fans think of that episode." Sasha’s excitement over the reveal makes us think that Ali isn’t dead. Not only would that be a bit of a letdown for the viewers, but we doubt Sasha would be so excited about an answer that means she will forever be stuck in flashbacks.

More Sasha in Season 4B

Whatever goes down in the Halloween special, it sounds like it might spell more screen time for Sasha in Season 4B. The actress retweeted this last night: “@AllThingsPLL: I'm loving the idea of more @SashaaPieterse in the second half of Season 4! #PLL” me too ;)” Sure, it could just be a wish on Sasha’s part, but to us it sounds like we might be seeing a lot more of Sasha.

“Ali was never really gone”

In the age of spoilers, it’s hard to know how much you can trust official sources, but when the official PLL Twitter handle tweeted Mrs. G.’s climactic quote, “Ali was never really gone,” we got pretty excited. Is this acknowledgement that Mrs. G. is telling the truth, or just a studio-wide conspiracy to make us believe that Ali is alive?! Maybe we’ve been watching PLL for too long... It’s made us paranoid.

Do you think Ali is alive? What other recent clues or cast hints support this theory? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.