Is Bachelor 2014’s Andi Dorfman on Twitter?
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Is Bachelor 2014’s Andi Dorfman on Twitter?

Much like Juan Pablo Galavis, we've fallen hard for Bachelor 18 contestant Andi Dorfman. This brunette beauty captivated Bachelor Nation with her ombre hair, pretty face, and the fact that she prosecutes gangsters for a living (watch your back, Chris Harrison), and we need more of her in our lives immediately. Also, "our lives" = the Internet.

Thankfully, Andi is more than a little active on social media, and has both a Twitter and an Instagram account. We're so blessed! You can learn more about Andi's Instagram over here, but let's chat about her sweet tweets, shall we? This Bachelor frontrunner tends to post her thoughts to Twitter multiple times a day, and has a pretty hilarious sense of humor. To wit, her musing on Atlanta's complete inability to deal with a couple inches of snow: "Prepping for the 'storm' and realizing I'm perfectly fine if the town is out milk as long as there's red wine."

Seriously, we didn't think we could love this girl anymore, and then that tweet happened. Now do you understand why you have to stop everything you're doing (read: cross-stitching Juan Pablo's name onto a pillow) and follow Andi? She's non-stop fun, and makes a pretty good antidote to the people on your Twitter feed who take themselves a little too seriously.

Check out Andi's Twitter handle @AndiDorfman, and click here to see if she wins Juan Pablo's finale rose on The Bachelor!

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