Is Angie Miller Going Downhill On American Idol 2013?
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Is Angie Miller Going Downhill On American Idol 2013?

You’ve likely heard of the WGWG (white guy with guitar) curse on American Idol, but have you heard of the curse of the front-runner? It seems that, in the 12 seasons this show has been on, it’s almost more advantageous to be the dark horse than the one who gets all the early positive reinforcement. Although we love Angie Miller, we’re worried that she may be (cue the dramatic music) cursed! She’s been killing it since the beginning, and we hope she’s not running out of steam.

Even Angie said in her pre-performance package a few weeks ago that she knows many people think she peaked during Hollywood Week. She’ll be hard-put to top the performance of her original song, “You Set Me Free,” at the piano, especially in the eyes of the judges. And then, a couple of weeks ago, Jimmy Iovine pointed out that Angie emotes too much when she sings.

Fast forward to last night, when she donned a skin-tight blue dress and high heels (the girl has legs for days, as Nicki Minaj might say). She seemed to change everything from her wardrobe to choosing an up tempo song. After weeks and weeks of nearly flawless performances, the judges were really disappointed in the Boston native’s rendition of “Shop Around” for the Motown performances. Even Smokey Robinson, who originally performed that song, and Jimmy were critiquing her annunciation before she hit the stage.

Nicki went so far as to critique her wardrobe, saying she doesn’t have to try to be “overtly sexual” and that she doesn’t need to switch it up and show a different side “because we didn’t ask for a different side yet.” Randy Jackson said it was the first time ever she had a “pitchy performance,” and Keith Urban agreed. If you ask us, the whole thing seemed uncomfortable, mostly because she looked awkward and out of her comfort zone.

The judges can be confusing, however, as they do tell the hopefuls to change things up to avoid getting boring but, last night, they seemed to tell Angie to stay the same. The whole thing leaves us asking–is Angie Miller going downhill on American Idol? What do you think?

03.29.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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