Is Aria “A” on Pretty Little Liars? Reexamining the Popular Fan Theory
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Pretty Little Liars

Is Aria “A” on Pretty Little Liars? Reexamining the Popular Fan Theory

Maybe it’s because she’s a suspiciously good liar or maybe it’s because her name starts with an “A,” but Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) has been a fan favorite for “A” since Pretty Little Liars began. With all of the game-changing stuff that’s gone down this season, it’s time to look another look at this popular fan theory. Could Aria be “A”?!

Aria’s timing

Most of the evidence that supports the Aria is “A” theory is purely speculative and somewhat abstract. We could go on for pages – and have – detailing how Aria’s penchant for toffee-flavored frozen yogurt is suspicious, but let’s focus on some of the more habitual stuff, shall we? For instance: how Aria is often missing when “A” shenanigans go down. This could have something to do with the heavy focus PLL places on her romantic storylines, or it could be because she is involved in the planning and execution herself. More recently, there have been a number of clues implying that at least one of the Liars can’t be trusted. Mrs. Grunwald told the gang that one of them had been touched by “A,” and Ali told Emily that she couldn’t trust the others. Perhaps, she has figured out that one of them is “A,” but is still unsure which one it might be? Either way, Aria is generally either M.I.A. or left relatively unscathed when “A” is at work. This could be explained by Ezra’s fondness for the pint-sized Liar, but what about the next point on our list.

Lack of motivation

Let’s face it: Aria seems to take the search for “A” way less seriously than her friends. It’s almost as if her heart isn’t even in it. (Or, she’s busy scheming.) While the other Liars devote significant time and energy to hunting down clues and following leads on their own time, Aria usually can’t be bothered. It’s extremely suspicious, and has become even more apparent in the wake of Hanna and Emily’s own “A”-hunting campaigns matching the intensity of Spencer’s. If you were the target of a teenage-hunting cyber bully seemingly intent on killing your allegedly dead bestie for real this time wouldn’t you carve out some time in your schedule for investigation?

Hidden clues

There’s a plethora of more abstract clues that tie Aria to the “A” game. As pointed out by clever Tumblr users, instances like this, and this, and all of this are more than just coincidence. And don’t even get us started on Mona’s "Aria You're a Killer, Not Ezra's Wife" anagrammatic mantra. In the wake of Mona and Aria’s recent stand-off, this seemingly nonsensical phrase seems to have even more meaning. Could their clash be about more than Mona’s newfound romance with Aria’s little brother, i.e. a point of pride about who makes the better “A.” It certainly adds another layer to the spat they had in the school courtyard. When Mona accuses Aria of ditching her, is she pissed about getting kicked off of Team Liar, or is she pissed about getting kicked off Team “A”? Some food for thought.

The Ezra factor

If Aria is “A,” it certainly explains Ezra’s role – as minion – as well as how there is still a chance that these two are still endgame. If Ezra is acting as “A” alone, it’s hard to comprehend how these two could ever get together. But if Aria has also done her fair share of Rosewood terrorism, these two are totally meant for one another. This is especially true if Ezra and Aria have been in on it since the beginning. It always seemed strange to us that Aria didn’t tell Ezra the extent of the “A” game even after Spencer and Hanna let Toby and Caleb in on the mess. Now, we’re wondering if he hasn’t known all along.

Do you think Aria could be “A”? If so, is Ezra her minion? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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