Is Aria “A”? Five Clues From Season 5A
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Pretty Little Liars

Is Aria “A”? Five Clues From Season 5A

There is a long, rich tradition in the Pretty Little Liars fandom of speculating that Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) could be “A.” Some days, we dismiss the theory as the consequence of having two “a”’s in one’s character name. Other days, we wonder if there’s more to it to that. Today, we’re all about the latter. Here are five clues from Season 5A that have us suspecting Aria may be “A.”

The curly brown hair in the epilogue. The epilogues to the summer finale shows “A” replacing the Baby Jesus in Emily’s manger with a Mona Doll. Though you can’t see “A”’s face behind the hoodie, you can see what looks like a dark brown curl peeking out from under it. Most people have taken this as a clue that Mona could somehow be alive or that Mona may have a twin. What if it’s evidence that Aria is the villainess in question?

The Mike Montgomery factor. One key to solving any TV murder is figuring out the motive. At first glance, the reasoning behind Mona’s murder seems pretty cut-and-dry: “A” killed her to keep her from revealing her identity. But what if it was something far more personal? What if Mona’s murder had nothing to do with her investigation into Bethany Young and everything to do with her rekindled romance with Mike Montgomery? Aria had made it clear that she didn’t approve of Mona dating her little brother, even going so far as to make Mona cry on Montgomery family night. What exactly did she whisper into Mona’s ear at the theater? Was it a threat? Did she follow through?

Mona’s call to Aria. Of course, this doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. Could Aria have killed Mona to keep her secret and to keep her away from her brother? After all, Aria was the first Liar to know that Mona had discovered evidence of why Bethany Young came to Rosewood that night. Did Aria worry that this evidence would lead to exposing her secret? Could she have sent someone over there to take out Mona before any of the Liars arrived?

The Holbrook conversation. Another suspicious scene in the summer finale came when Holbrook paid Aria a visit at Radley. She imagines him asking about, “The lies, the cover-ups, the murders…” when really he was questioning when she began the Radley volunteer program. Was Aria projecting her crimes onto the situation? And why was Holbrook there in the first place? Does he know something we don’t?

Eddie Lamb recognizes Aria, then disappears. Speaking of Radley, we’re still suspicious of Eddie Lamb’s disappearance. When Aria first started volunteering at Radley, Eddie asks if he knows her from somewhere, if she’s ever volunteered before. Aria assures him that she hasn’t, but she seems worried he will recognize her. Is this because she was once a patient at Radley? Did Aria disappear Eddie Lamb?

Do you think Aria could be “A”? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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