Is Ariana Biermann Ready to Date? (VIDEO)
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Is Ariana Biermann Ready to Date? (VIDEO)

Ariana Biermann may still be years away from being old enough to rent a car or see an R-rated movie alone, but the precocious 12-year-old is pretty sure she’s ready to start dating!

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Ariana asks mom Kim Zolciak when she’ll finally be allowed to date.

Kim may fall into the “cool mom” category on some topics, like cursing, lavish spending, and letting her kids appear on TV, but it seems that she’s not about to let her little one get too close to any of her fellow seventh graders.

When Ariana asks her mom when she’ll be allowed to go out on dates, Kim makes it clear that she will never be ready for that day.

“Date? You’re 12. Never,” Kim tells Ariana.

Kim adds that the thought of Ariana dating “makes my stomach hurt!”

While Kim may be strict about her dating rules for Ariana, it’s clear that she’s loosened the rules for her older daughter, Brielle.

Although Kim has asked the 17-year-old to wear a purity ring until she hits 18, Kim has admitted to liking her daughter’s boyfriend, Slade.

“I’m all for Slade,” Kim revealed last month. “We’ve had the talk.”

Do you think that Kim is making the right decision by having Ariana hold off on dating, or is she being overprotective? Sound off in the comments!

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