Is Phaedra Parks Backing Down From Her Defamation Lawsuit?
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Phaedra Parks

Is Phaedra Parks Backing Down From Her Defamation Lawsuit?

Before Apollo Nida recently found himself in trouble with the law, his wife Phaedra Parks had her own lawsuit scandal to deal with. The Real Housewives of Atlanta attorney had sued her former friend, Angela Stanton, for defamation when she tried to say in her book, Lies of a Real Housewife, that Phaedra was involved in a check-cashing fraud scam.

But, according to, Phaedra now seems reluctant to participate in her end of the lawsuit and, as a result, the courts reportedly may throwing the case out and rule in favor of Stanton. And it's not just that. Staton’s lawyers even want Phaedra to pay for her lawyer fees since they deem this a "frivolous lawsuit."

The site writes, "According to court documents, [Phaedra] has repeatedly refused to sit for a deposition on just how she was involved with the check cashing scam that sent Stanton and several associates to prison."

They also report, "On February 24, attorneys for Stanton filed a motion requesting a judge to make a summary judgment in her favor, effectively ending the suit as a loss for Parks, because they claim the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been less than forthcoming with evidence supporting her side of the case."

The fact that Phaedra is backing down just as Apollo is being hit with similar charges doesn’t look great for either of them, though we’ll wait to see how this all plays out before passing judgment.

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