Is Brooks Forester Ready For Love? He Says…
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Is Brooks Forester Ready For Love? He Says…

Brooks Forester is all alone in the world. Just him, his chin dimple, and that giant coif of silken beauty commonly known as his hair. Why? Because he abandoned The Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock after spending years (aka weeks) getting to know her. Apparently, Brooks just wasn't feeling good vibrations with Des, and chose to break her heart in the eleventh hour on The Bachelorette, causing world-wide OMGs in the process.

Brooks is currently single and not-at-all ready to mingle, but fear not! This dashing gent and his lion's mane won't be alone forever. You see, Brooks still hopes to fall in love one day — no matter how long it takes, and no matter how many hearts he breaks.

"I wanted it to work, but the feelings weren't there. I had to walk away," he tells People, adding "I'll never give up on love."

Good to know that reality television didn't make Brooks too jaded. And if all else fails, he can always dip into The Bachelorette fun-bag of rejects and date one of Sean Lowe's cast-offs. We hear Ashley Palenkas has a necktie / leather whip with Brooks' name on it!

Do you think Brooks should date a verified member of Bachelor Nation? Hit the comments and tell us which single lady you'd set him up with!

Source: People