Is Candice Accola Pregnant? Convention Fans Say It’s True! Report
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Is Candice Accola Pregnant? Convention Fans Say It’s True! Report

Is Candice Accola pregnant? A slew of frantic tweets erupted on Twitter and Facebook today after rumors that a pregnant Candice Accola was seen at a fan convention. Candice, who plays Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries, only recently announced her engagement to Fray guitarist Joe King.

Posts on Twitter saying Candice Accola is pregnant started flying fast and furious last night, with hundreds of Vampire Diaries fans congratulating the actress on her reported baby to be. Even fellow The Vampire Diaries actress Arielle Kebbel congratulated Candice for something huge this weekend, although she didn't specifically say it was about a pregnancy. Maybe she was just really late in finding out Candice got engaged. But way to fuel the speculation, Lexi!

The pregnant Candice Accola rumor was allegedly spawned by fans at convention who supposedly witnessed the baby bump in person.

A few tweets we saw claimed Candice actually made an announcement that she is pregnant with future husband Joe King’s child. We are pretty sure if that had actually happened, the announcement would have gone viral all over every The Vampire Diaries fan site in the universe by now.

So is Candice Accola pregnant? We are going to put this in the way unsupported rumor category for now until we see that baby bump for ourselves, or Candice’s camp puts out an official announcement. We saw pics and video of her from Love & Blood Itacon and BloodyNightCon, and she wasn't looking very preggars at either of those conventions...

Although we’d so, so, so love for this rumor to be true... how cute would her babies be?

* Update: Several tweets we read claimed Candice was spotted pregnant at Bloody Diaries Con (BloodyCon) in Germany, but she was not set to appear at that particular convention adding more mystery to the origin of this heavy Twitter and Facebook rumor.

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06.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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