Is Catherine Giudici Changing Her Values For Sean Lowe?
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Is Catherine Giudici Changing Her Values For Sean Lowe?

Catherine Giudici — aka the future Mrs. Sean Lowe — has called herself an "opportunistic vegan" who cheats and eats meat on very special occasions. So, maybe a Labor Day feast at The Big Texan Steak Ranch counts as a special occasion?

On September 2, Sean tweeted of his Bachelor fiancée, "@clmgiudici just finished the famed 72oz steak in 20 minutes. She then asked for extra mac and cheese and a side of fried okra." He then added, "Update: @clmgiudici just pooped an entire cow. True story."

Yep, that's some nasty TMI right there. And even though we’re pretty sure he was just joking about the steak, Catherine quipped right back: "I trained from the best."

Sean also teased his lady by posting this photo of Catherine holding up the kids menu: "Look how smart my girl is... finished the word search all by herself." Dude, those things are tricky!

There's not a whole lot on The Big Texan menu for a vegan — except maybe the vegetable of the day. In case you don’t know, the Amarillo, Texas steak house is a Route 66 landmark known as the "Home of the World Famous 72 Ounce Steak." It's also home to the 72oz Steak Challenge, where anyone who eats a 72-ounce dinner in one hour gets it for free.

We can't imagine petite Catherine (or anyone else) chowing down that much steak — but if she ever did, it would probably be enough to put her back on a strict vegan diet for life!

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