Bachelor 2014: Is Clare Crawley a Little TOO Obsessed With Nikki Ferrell?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Is Clare Crawley a Little TOO Obsessed With Nikki Ferrell?

That Clare Crawley can get a little intense. She got in hot (or at least warm) water with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 5, when she monopolized the Vietnam group date then got him to go swimming with her. She took most of the blame for that late-night visit, which doesn't seem too fair, but we're also wondering how fair it is for Clare to bash Nikki Ferrell so much.

Last week, there was a deleted scene with Clare disapproving of negative Nikki getting the K-Pop group date rose. Kelly Travis defended the nurse as just being honest about her feelings. Of course, this happened behind Nikki’s back, which is fine since it’s not like Nikki doesn’t do the same to others. We saw that from her in South Korea.

But this week, another deleted scene shows Clare continuing to bash Nikki, during a talk with Danielle Ronco. (Watch the video below. This is the most Danielle has ever been allowed to say!)

Bachelor 2014: Is Clare Crawley a Little TOO Obsessed With Nikki Ferrell?
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

Clare tells Danielle she wouldn’t be upset if Nikki didn’t come back from her first one-on-one date. Cut to Clare telling the cameras, "We all know that I don't like Nikki and I don't like wasting my energy and my time on people that don't mean anything to me." And yet that’s what we see from her all the time. She even dropped this great line: "Nobody can stand Nikki. Even the girls that are friends with Nikki can't stand Nikki." (At least Nikki has frenemies; one of the reasons Clare got so much time on the Vietnam group date is because no one wanted to pair up with her, except Juan Pablo.)

At one point, Danielle acknowledges that Nikki had been “mean sometimes,” but she thought Nikki had changed a lot since she was confronted. Well, that just pissed Clare off more. "I don't like that though, to be quite honest. If you're going to be nice, to be nice from the beginning. Be nice from the get-go." She then repeated that she didn’t want to talk about Nikki. However, she did have one last smug anti-Nikki shot for the cameras, from after her special late-night adventure: "She wasn’t swimming in the ocean with him."

Both Clare and Nikki seem to elicit polarizing reactions, and even though Clare was the No. 1 drama queen this past week in Vietnam, she’s not the only one who’s called out Nikki. In her exit interview, Elise Mosca also dissed the negative nurse. Maybe Juan Pablo is just drawn to the drama?

Watch Clare’s talk with Danielle below. What do you think? Can you see why Clare is frustrated with Juan Pablo’s attraction to Nikki or do you think she’s going too far?

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