Is Jenelle Evans Considering Placing Kaiser For Adoption?
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Jenelle Evans

Is Jenelle Evans Considering Placing Kaiser For Adoption?

If you think you’re going to get away with spreading false rumors about Jenelle Evans and her in vitro baby, you’ve got another thing coming! The Teen Mom 2 star is about seven months pregnant, and she’s been pretty open throughout her second pregnancy. But now, one site is reporting that she’s considering placing her baby for adoption — a claim that Jenelle is not taking lightly!

The 22-year-old and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, have endured a rough couple of weeks following Nathan’s incarceration stemming from his 2013 DUI charges. The expectant father will be in jail for a total of 47 days, allowing him to get out just before their son, Kaiser, is delivered.

The Real Teen Mom Talk recently reported that Jenelle and Nathan have reached out to a couple of agencies to see about putting their little one up for adoption. Their “source” says the two have been too overwhelmed with fighting and their legal issues, and they think giving their baby to another family will be the better option.

But when Jenelle got word that this rumor had spread, she was not going to sit idly by and let everyone believe it was true.

The reality starlet took to Twitter, writing, “I kno who came up with this adoption rumor... It wasn't the writer or the adoption agency.. But the girl who did it... U just f—d yrself.”

And she wasn’t done just yet! She shortly followed up with, “Don't get mad when true facts are reported next, not some stupid rumor like u made up.”

When one fan asked Jenelle directly if the rumors were true, she responded, “What do u think? We have never even mentioned ‘adoption’ in one episode and have never threatened each other with this.”

You tell ‘em, Jenelley! We’re excited to meet little Kaiser!

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Source: The Real Teen Mom Talk

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