Is Bachelorette 2013 Contestant Brooks Forester on Facebook?
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Is Bachelorette 2013 Contestant Brooks Forester on Facebook?

We have a fever and the only cure is more Brooks Forester. This Bachelorette contestant's free-flowing hair and rugged-yet-dainty jaw line are all we think about, and watching him every Monday night on ABC just isn't enough for us anymore. We need more Brooks and we need him now.

Luckily, Brooks and his half-ponytail have a public profile on Facebook, which you can "Like" in order to follow the minute details of his fabulous life in the fast lane of love. Brooks' Facebook isn't all that expansive, but it does feature some personal pictures of him trolling around various mountain ranges in Utah while sporting a festive beard. Score!

Oh, also? Brooks' Facebook "About Me" reads "Less about me, more about you." What does it all mean, Brooks? Stop being so cryptic and just post a video of yourself running your hands through your hair like nature intended. Give the people what they want, buddy!

In other news, if you want even more Brooks action, you can always check out his Twitter @BrooksForester. Of course, he hasn't updated it since May, but whatever. If you tweet at him obsessively, there's at least a 1 percent chance that he'll tweet you back.

Source: Facebook / Twitter